A selection of Bridget’s publications are listed below.

Publication List

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Computational modelling: Blackett review

This report sets out the findings of a review looking at the rapid evolution of UK computational modelling capability, and how it could be better used in both the public and private sectors.

Infrastructure, Policy and Brexit

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 33, Number S1, 2017, pp. S113–S123

Network Models of Innovation Process and Policy Implications

(chapter 19, Handbook on the System Dynamics of Technological Change, ed. C Antonelli Elgar)

2020 Welfare: Life, Work, Locality

(2020 Public Services Trust Commission)

A consideration of public services in 2020 which ignored welfare spending would be like weeding the garden while the house was burning down.

Innovation, Trade and Connectivity

(Manchester Independent Economic Review)

Inflation/Unemployment Regimes and the Instability of the Phillips Curve

Innovation, Diffusion, and Agglomeration

(Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol. 18 Numbers 7 & 8)

Building Bridges: a study of the long term economic impact of bridges over the Thames from the middle ages to the present day.