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A selection of Bridget’s publications are listed below.


Planning, what is it for?

An essay in ‘Planning Anew, A collection of essays on reforming the planning system for the 21st century, was published alongside Policy Exchange’s report Rethinking the Planning System for the 21st Century.
See Planning Anew from the Policy Exchange

Managing Complexity in Projects and Programmes

Looking at the challenge of managing complexity.  I concentrate on identifying the forms that complexity may take and in doing so how to manage, control our perhaps outwit it.  Bridget introduce a taxonomy which can be used and a set of potential reactions to its identification.

Innovation, Diffusion, and Agglomeration

(Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol. 18 Numbers 7 & 8)

Building Bridges: a study of the long term economic impact of bridges over the Thames from the middle ages to the present day.