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UK infrastructure after Brexit

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 38, Issue 1, Spring 2022, Pages 140–153
Infrastructure is central to many aspects of policy, and this focus has survived the impact of Covid-induced expenditure. The paper examines the scope for Brexit to allow infrastructure planning to be more devolved, consider demand-side and nature-based solutions, and become more competitive. It concludes that Brexit offers the opportunity for a more system-based approach to infrastructure planning and delivery.
See Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 38

Planning Curses

How to deliver long-term investment in infrastructure – Policy Exchange

Managing Complexity in Projects and Programmes

Looking at the challenge of managing complexity.  I concentrate on identifying the forms that complexity may take and in doing so how to manage, control our perhaps outwit it.  Bridget introduce a taxonomy which can be used and a set of potential reactions to its identification.

Infrastructure, Policy and Brexit

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 33, Number S1, 2017, pp. S113–S123