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Book Review

Empire of Pain (and other stories)

Book Review: Author: Patrick Radden Keefe
This review covers a number of ‘bad business’ tales, including Theranos, Wirecard and Greensill Capital

The Magic Money Tree and other economic tales

Book Review: Author: Lorenzo Forni
The author is an economic policy maker in the macroeconomic sphere, with a career at the
IMF and the Central Bank of Italy as well as in academia and consultancy.

The Power of Creative Destruction

Book Review: Authors: Philippe Aghion, Celine Antonin and Simon Bunel
First, a shout out to the translator, Jodie Cohen-Tanugi. She’s a lawyer and a researcher into
movement – but also capable of preparing an idiomatic and professional translation of

Mission Economy – a Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism

Book Review: Author: Mariana Mazzucato
I approached this book with considerable interest. Professor Mazzucato has an enviable
reputation for thinking about innovation systems and is heavily engaged in policy making. Her
views on how to change capitalism should be worth reading.

Greed is Dead, Politics after Individualism

Book Review: Authors: Paul Collier and John Kay
This is billed as a book about politics, but it is written by two economists with careers in both
academe and business, so it should be important to all professional economists.

What’s Wrong with Economics – a Primer for the Perplexed

Book Review: Author: Robert Skidelsky
Everyone likely to read this review is an economist, indeed a professional economist. So, do
we want to know the answer to the question in the title?

An Economic History of the English Garden

Book Review: Author: Roderick Floud
Floud is an eminent economic historian and clearly a keen gardener. As I sit here during
lockdown and working in the garden more intensively than would be normal, it seems an
appropriate time to review this book.

Narrative Economics

Book Review: Author: Robert Shiller
I approached this book with high hopes. Not only is Shiller a winner of the Nobel prize in
economics, but I have long thought that stories are important in framing the choices that we
make and the heuristics that we operate with.

After the Flood – How the Great Recession Changed Economic Thought

Book Review: Authors: E Glaser, T Santos, E G Weyl (eds)
This book is not what I expected, since it is not really about economic thought, but rather a
collection focused on a variety of reflections on economic issues and is in effect a Festschrift
for Jose Scheinkman.

Contradictions of Capital in the 21st Century

Book Review: Authors: Pat Hudson and Keith Tribe (eds)
This volume of essays starts from the premise that Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century is a
wonderful book, challenging both theory and measurement.