Bridget is on these boards

Northumbrian Water – Northumbrian Water Group supplies water to the North East and to Essex and Suffolk, and wastewater services in Northumberland.  Bridget has sat on the board since April 22021

DVSA – Bridget chairs the agency, which delivers driving tests, MOTs and enforcement services on HGVs. It employs nearly 4,000 people across the country and has a major programme of modernisation, with technology change affecting the organsiation as well as the way that vehicles work. Leading this major shift is the task of the DVSA board.

Atom Bank is Britain’s most successful banking start-up with more than £1 billion of assets added in its first year.  Bridget is proud to become its new chairman as the bank moves into new territory and builds its capability to offer a wider range of services to more customers.  Banking should be simple, transparent and easy to use and that’s what Atom aims to be. My job is to make sure that everyone from the Bank of England to every customer knows who we are and what we do.

National Infrastructure Commission – Bridget is a Commissioner advising on the development of the UK’s first National Infrastructure Assessment as well as particular projects such as the support of the Cambridge to Oxford Arc.


If you would like to view a selection of Bridget’s publication click on the link below.

M6Toll – The M6 Toll company owns and operates the only tolled motorway in the UK which links the M42 and the M6 and is also known as the Midlands Expressway.