A selection of Bridget’s publications are listed below.

Publication List

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Greed is Dead, Politics after Individualism

Book Review: Authors: Paul Collier and John Kay
This is billed as a book about politics, but it is written by two economists with careers in both
academe and business, so it should be important to all professional economists.

What’s Wrong with Economics – a Primer for the Perplexed

Book Review: Author: Robert Skidelsky
Everyone likely to read this review is an economist, indeed a professional economist. So, do
we want to know the answer to the question in the title?

Bank competition – Press ‘account’ for control

Bridget Rosewell argues that bank customers want to feel that their preferences matter
and to have the right information to make their own choices

Computational modelling: Blackett review

This report sets out the findings of a review looking at the rapid evolution of UK computational modelling capability, and how it could be better used in both the public and private sectors.

MHCLG Press Release

Chair appointed to lead Independent Review into Planning Appeal Inquiries

After the Flood – How the Great Recession Changed Economic Thought

Book Review: Authors: E Glaser, T Santos, E G Weyl (eds)
This book is not what I expected, since it is not really about economic thought, but rather a
collection focused on a variety of reflections on economic issues and is in effect a Festschrift
for Jose Scheinkman.

Infrastructure, Policy and Brexit

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 33, Number S1, 2017, pp. S113–S123

Network Models of Innovation Process and Policy Implications

(chapter 19, Handbook on the System Dynamics of Technological Change, ed. C Antonelli Elgar)