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A selection of Bridget’s publications are listed below. If you would like to view a publication that does not have an active link, please send through your request here.

Infrastructure, Policy and Brexit
Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 33, Number S1, 2017, pp. S113–S123

Financing Infrastructure: who foots the bill?                                                                               From New Routes: To Prosperity or Conflict? From Montrose Journal: Winter 2015

Deciding What Transport is For, Connectivity and the Economy
(from Transport and the Environment eds. D King and O Inderwildi)

Network Models of Innovation Process and Policy Implications
(chapter 19, Handbook on the System Dynamics of Technological Change, ed. C Antonelli Elgar)

Planning Curses
Policy Exchange

Does a Metropolitan Region need a Chief Economist?
(Urban Land Institute Journal, July 2009)
Public Sector Pay, Time to Share the Private Sector’s Pain
(Opportunities in the age of Austerity, IPPR)
The Fiscal Landscape: Understanding contributions and benefits
(2020 Public Services Trust Commission)
2020 Welfare: Life, Work, Locality
(2020 Public Services Trust Commission)
Innovation, Trade and Connectivity
(Manchester Independent Economic Review)
Inflation/Unemployment Regimes and the Instability of the Phillips Curve
Innovation, Diffusion, and Agglomeration
(Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol. 18 Numbers 7 & 8)
Building Bridges: a study of the long term economic impact of bridges over the Thames from the middle ages to the present day
(GLA Working Paper 32)

The Economic Benefits of Crossrail
Crossrail – The Costs of Delay
Use and Abuses of Forecasting
(Futureskills Scotland)
Urban Growth: Emergent Stylized Facts from Zero Cognition Agent Models
(presented to 4th Arrowhead Conference on Complex Systems in Social Sciences)
The Implications of Misleading Estimates of London’s Output
(GLA Economics Working Paper 23)
How Extreme is the Current Gap between Libor and Base Rate?
(2007: Volterra)
Long Range Inflation Prospects
(2007: Volterra)
The Pollyanna Economy and its Democratic Deficit
(Budget 2007)
Pre-Budget Report
Why Distance Doesn’t Die
(2006: GLA Working Paper 17)
Macro Uncertainty and Monetary Policy
Estimating the Uncertainty around Forecasts for GDP Growth and Inflation – A Stress Testing Approach
(2005: Volterra)
On the Methodology of Assessing Agent Based Models
(2004: Evolution and Economic Complexity, eds J Foster & J S Metcalfe, Edward Elgar)
Verification and Validation of Agent Based Models in the Social Sciences
(Epistemological Aspects of Computer Simulation in the Social Sciences ed. Flamino Squazzoni, Springer)
Employment in London
(2002: Volterra Consulting for the GLA)
An Agent-Based Model of the Evolution of Market Structure & Competition
The Knowledge of Price and the Price of Knowledge
(2001: Paper for Complexity Network Conference)
Stamp Duty on Share Trading – The Economic Impact
(2001: Volterra Consulting for M&G)
What Makes Firms Grow – An Analysis of the European Business Survey
The Evolution of  Market Structure and Competition
(2001: for BT, presented at Shumpeter Society Conference) 2001: Emissions Trading – Its Easier Than You Think, Environmental Finance, October

The Euro – A Loss of Faith
(2000: New Europe)
Emissions Targets – Modelling Incentives
(2000: DETR)
Emissions Trading – The Evolution of a Market for Pollution Permits
(1999: Blue Circle Industries)
Emissions Trading
(1999: Prospect)
Taxes & Trading, The Best Way to Reach Environmental Emissions Targets
(1999: Volterra Consulting Ltd)
Places, Prosperity and Competition
(1998: Derby City Council)
The Economics of Marriage
(1998: Family Policy Seminar)

Employment, Households & Earnings
(1996: Work In or Work Out, ed. Pamela Meadows)
Small Firms & Finance
(1996: Commission for Finance & Public Policy, IPPR)
Employment, Productivity & Regions
(1995: The Sources of Job Creation in the 1990s, Employment Department)
Economic Development, Sustainability & Growth
(1994: Regional Studies Association, Conference Report)
et seq European Business Survey
(1992: Grant Thornton International)
UK Retailing, Structure & Performance
(1992: Business Strategies Ltd)

The Economic Costs of the Green Belt
(1989: ARC Properties Ltd)
The Consequences of the Abolition of the Dock Labour Scheme
(1988: The WEFA Group)
European Reactions to the Crash
(1987: European Affairs)
Britain Under a Labour Government, 1987-1991
(1987: WEFA)
Estimating the UK’s Capital Stock Using Trends Survey Data
(1985: Proceedings of 1985 CIRET Conference)
Productivity, Is There A New Realism
(1982: OXERA)
Occupational Mobility in Britain
(1981: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics)
Employment and Unemployment Issues in the 1970s
(1981: Management Bibliographics and Reviews)
The Reliability of Vacancy Statistics
(1980: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics)
Labour Market Segmentation in Britain
(1979: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics)
Immigrants & Occupational Crowding in Britain
(1978: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics)[/expand]