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Bridget lectures on a variety of topics and is also a broadcaster with a reputation for being able to put complex ideas simply.

BBC World Service

Business Daily: Colombia’s Peace Dividend?

Could peace talks help Colombia become a new tiger economy? Paul Moss reports from Bogota. Economist Bridget Rosewell suggested that...

Any Questions Radio 4

Jonathan Dimbleby chairs the topical debate from Upton-By-Chester, Cheshire including economist Bridget Rosewell as one of the panelists.

Martin Wainwright’s Myth of the North: Episode 5

The programme included economist Bridget Rosewell, business leaders Arnab Basu, Geoff Turnbull, and Harry Bradbury, and chief executive of the...

In the Balance: Has QE worked?

BBC World Service Economics correspondent Andrew Walker discusses whether QE has worked in the USA with guests economic consultant Bridget...