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Statistical rigour and HS2

At the Treasury Select Committee, in relation to HS2, Professor Graham said that it was important that we get these numbers right and in a scientifically rigorous way.  Both he and Professor Overman attacked the work published by KPMG as not only insufficiently rigorous, but also on the grounds that the results are too optimistic….

The Political Economy of Risk Taking – and how HS2 is Misunderstood

High Speed Rail has no shortage of enemies.  It is challenged for having rising costs, too few benefits and for being the plaything of vested interests, such as local authorities and rail companies.  These are often cheap shots, based on what sometimes appears to be a wilful misunderstanding of what HS2 is actually about, though…

High Speed 2 – What Can We Know?

Henry Overman, in the most recent issue of Centre Piece, the journal of the Centre for Economic Performance, concludes that he is sceptical of the benefits of the proposed High Speed line, because the opportunity cost is high. He wonders whether this is the best way to spend government money and if there are more…

HS2 gets Traction

Justine Greening has announced this week that HS2 will go ahead – which is enormously welcome. It is still surprising how many people have fallen for the proposition that is will be an expensive white elephant. Even the leader writers of the Financial Times have been captured by the Nimbys and the naysayers. The fact…