Successfully working in many diverse areas and providing strategic assistance to a variety of bodies; changing the face of economics to reflect modern life.


Bridget has a wealth of experience across a number of sectors, from fintech start-ups to cement manufacturing.  She has given evidence both in competition cases and to planning inquiries, and is expert in providing and preparing such economic evidence.  She has considerable experience in policy development and implementation and has advised the UK’s Treasury.

Bridget provides:

  • Strategic advice on project viability
  • Assistance with policy development for both private and public sectors
  • Planning advice and expert assistance
  • Support to new businesses


Bridget has founded businesses such as Business Strategies and Volterra Partners and developed them into sustainable and successful enterprises.  She has advised on projects for businesses such as banks, FTSE companies and public organisations.

She has operated as a non-executive for nearly 20 years, both in finance and in infratructure businesses, such as Atom Bank and Network Rail.  Her interest in risk and metrics has found expression in chairing Audit and Risk Committees.

Her experience has included managing financial crisis in business as well as start up funding and VC and PE investment.


Bridget’s research contributes to and grows out of her other activities and business interests.  The economy is a complex system where small changes can have large effects and where dynamics can amplify as well as reduce impacts.  Deciding on investments and policies in such a world requires more careful modelling and analysis than we always undertake.

Changing how modelling is done and results verified under uncertain outcomes is therefore very important and developing rules of performance is still a challenge in which Bridget is engaged.

Machine learning, big data and models which are hard to understand add to this challenge.  Yet it is crucial to making better decisions which will affect all our futures.  I try to develop this agenda.


After climbing Kilimanjaro Bridget visited some of the charity’s projects.  At dawn the staff visit the children as they wake up in various places across the city, and then the schoolroom where they congregate, play and learn.  Much green paint!  Visits to residential homes, a family and youth groups followed.  It was both cheering and harrowing to see the work being done and the conditions in which the children lived.  The charity aims to reconnect children with their families but it can’t always be done.

So very very many thanks for all those that contributed to this great work which takes place in many countries.  If you haven’t got around yet to making a donation – here is a last chance.


As well as an acomplished business woman Bridget finds time to produce works of art. Mostly these are of landscapes and garden scenes but as usual Bridget brings her own unique style to her art.